Fun time in Scottsbluff Nebraska

I had never been Nebraska before, unless I was passing through on a road trip, but I really had a great time presenting at the Youth First conference on November 10th. Everyone was very friendly and nice. My lunch presentation to 300 students included a “build your own burger” buffet. They really know how to feed people well in Nebraska!! I also had a delicious steak dinner the night before. Did you know that Nebraska is known as the “Beef State”? and cows outnumber people 4 to 1 in Nebraska??

Getting ready for my lunch presentation with Pam and Laura who introduced me.


Nebraska also provides great services for individuals with disabilities. They have some fantastic programs that teach skills and job preparation. They also offer entrepreneur training which is something I am very passionate about. If you are lucky enough to live in Nebraska you will be eating well and receiving great services. Here is some information about the Youth First conference.

First time signing one of our laminated posters!