Brent Anderson: Self-Advocate Entrepreneur. Inspirational Speaker, Humor Aficionado

I educate people using personal experiences and humor so they understand communication challenges and can overcome them.

Brent Anderson inspirational speaker

Unintentional Humor Presentation

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Brent's presentation was fun and engaging, but also poignant and thought provoking. Months later we are still receiving rave reviews from our donors and sponsors and we could not be happier with the response. Long time supporters of our organization were blown away and have requested that we bring back Unintentional Humor as soon as we can!

Jen Fetter, Children's TLC, Kansas City

Brent's presentation was absolutely amazing! It was so valuable for us as future speech-language pathologists to be able to hear his story.

Abbie Dario, Greeley CO

This was definitely my favorite breakout session of this conference; I loved it and it gave me so much hope for my daughter’s future; Keep sharing-the world needs to laugh more; Very, very good, eye opening and relevant; This is great information for anyone that does not live with autism, especially regular education teachers; Brent is amazing! 

Autism Society of Wisconsin Conference Attendee Feedback