Staying Humorous with Covid-19


Cluster of COVID-19 cases identified at Five Guys in Lafayette

Covid-19 has affected everyone around the entire world. Some people with disabilities may have a hard time with this and some may not. There are things about this crisis that I like and some things I have a hard time with. Some things I'm okay with is that I get to stay home and do things like reading, watching TV, be on the internet and play video games. I also get to be by myself all the time which I prefer to be. I like this kind of things so this crisis allows me to do things I enjoy even more.

However, there are also things that I have problems with as well. For example, I don't get to ride the bus to places that I like to go to or even go to places I like to go to since most of them are closed. I also am not able to see friends or buy groceries. It is also affecting my business since events and conferences aren't happening during this crisis. Worst of all is I can't travel and many events that I wanted to go to for fun have been canceled this year, like San Diego Comic-con. Although on the bright side events like Comic-con will have online events instead of in-person events and hopefully things will be back to normal next year.

San Diego Comic-Con at Home Free Virtual Event – NBC 7 San Diego

There are many ways for you to deal with COVID. One way to cope with Covid-19 is to do things that are humorous at home. Try watching funny movies like the Austin Powers movies or funny shows, even if they are reruns of old shows like Friends. Read funny books and look at pictures that are funny as well. Maybe even have conversations with people on the phone or with video meetings that are fun and humorous.


All of these things have affected me, but I'm sure that eventually we will get through this. The important thing is to stay humorous in these hard times.