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Last weekend, Brent and Linda were featured in the Ventura County Star!   Read part of the article below.

Brent & Linda talking about idioms in Unintentional Humor™


In Camarillo Talk, Mother-Son Duo Talk Share Experiences About Autism

By: Mark Storer

When Brent Anderson was a young boy, his mother, Linda knew he was a different.

“He was diagnosed with autism at age 13,” she said. “It seems kind of late for that diagnosis, but he was born in 1986, and they didn’t know much about it then.”

She learned quickly that her son was a visual learner and that he had what she called a literal mind.

“Brent didn’t know what we meant if we said, ‘You’re pulling my leg.’ He took that literally,” she said.

It was the beginning of a kind of wisdom for the Andersons. Now 26, Brent and his mom have produced a book called “Unintentional Humor,” a collection of idioms, homonyms and other oddities of language that Linda Anderson used to help her son learn about the world around him. (Continue Reading)


Brent Speaking at the Camarillo library

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