Children’s TLC Bluebird Luncheon

“Brent and Linda’s presentation was fun and engaging, but also poignant and thought provoking. Months later we are still receiving rave reviews from our donors and sponsors and we could not be happier with the response. Long time supporters of our organization were blown away and have requested that we bring back Unintentional Humor as soon as we can!” – Jen Fetter, Development & Event Manager; Children’s Therapeutic Learning Center

“I have seen Linda and Brent present to three different audiences over the past year in the Boulder area. Their presentation is dynamic, informative and inspiring. There are many takeaways from their presentation that just about everyone can relate to and it will get people talking. Their story is truly incredible and I would highly recommend them as speakers.” – Lea Anne Paskvalich, Director of Public Relations; Temple Grandin School

“Wonderful and refreshing. Best part of the day. Nice to see real life application in a person with ASD.  Thank you for ending on a delightful note. Appropriate for the entire audience. Brent was great!  Enjoyed this presentation the best-concise and to the point. Great insight into how kids think-need to hear more of these success stories.  Very entertaining and creative. Lots of fun. Love knowing how confusing our son’s world can be. Go Brent!” – Attendee Feedback; 2013 Autism Society of North Carolina conference

University of Northern Colorado SLP Students

“Brent and Linda presented their work to my graduate speech-language pathology students. I found their presentation to be extremely timely, engaging, and directly related to the language content we have been discussing in class.  Perhaps the most important aspect of their presentation was their frank description of their journey in figuring out what has helped Brent get to where he is today. – Kim Murza, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Brent & Linda’s presentation was absolutely amazing! It was so valuable for us as future speech-language pathologists to be able to hear their story. – Abbie Daurio

Teach for America Teachers at Denver Academy


“This was definitely my favorite breakout session of this conference; Awesome – It was so powerful to hear Brent speak and share his story. I loved it and it gave me so much hope for my daughter’s future; Keep sharing-the world needs to laugh more; Very, very good, funny, eye opening and relevant; This is great information for anyone that does not live with autism, especially regular education teachers; Brent is amazing! Should be keynote speaker next year! -Autism Society of Wisconsin 25th Annual Conference Attendee Feedback

Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation audience participation

Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation audience participation

“This year, I was fortunate to attend a presentation by Brent Anderson. He is a gifted speaker, who appears to have no ego, as he shares his life’s journey with the audience. He answers questions, sharing stories both funny and sad with a down to earth simple honesty, which will bring tears and laughter and has earned him rave reviews.  He is the Temple Grandin of his generation.  In my role as a social worker, I have attended numerous conferences and never heard a better keynote address. His presentation will appeal to people with autism, the scientific community, educators, professionals, developers and families as he creates a forum where they can talk with each other, exchange ideas and mostly laugh.” – Larry Rice, M.A.

‘Brent and his mom are wonderful presenters.  They use humor to open up the world’s perspective of what people with autism live with each day. Go buy their books and if you can get to a presentation, you will be wowed while you learn something new.” – Annivar Selgado

Question and Answer

Question and Answer

“Thank you so much for sharing your truly amazing story with our class. You are such an inspiration to others by sharing how you see the world. You are empowering others with autism to be proud of who they are.” – Andrea, CSUN Child & Adolescent Development Student

Keynote with a sign language interpreter

“Brent and Linda are the perfect duo when it comes to celebrating the literal mind! The have a comical way of turning what can be frustrating to some into an easy learning experience. I introduced my students to their book, Unintentional Humor™ and they instantly fell in love with it!  But when Linda and Brent came into our class and spoke with laughter and games, the boys were nothing short of ecstatic. It was a wonderful presentation that I as an educator learned from as well! I look forward to seeing their next book and hearing all about it in another presentation soon!”   – Michelle Lafferty, Special Education Teacher, Camarillo, CA

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