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Unintentional Humor; Celebrating the Literal Mind® is a hilarious book depicting the communication challenges that result from a literal interpretation of language.  This book appeals to people of all ages making it a popular family favorite.

The spiral bound book’s design makes it easy-to-use and an excellent teaching tool at home and in the classroom.*

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Inspired by Brent Anderson, a young man with autism, Unintentional Humor® is a lighthearted, laugh-out-loud book that describes the challenges that result from a literal interpretation of language.  Filled with 85 true stories and 90 original cartoons, Unintentional Humor® appeals to people of all ages and is great family fun.  Common expressions such as, “Pulling my leg,” “Under the weather,” and “You’re driving me up the wall” are depicted as cartoons seen through the eyes of Brent. Unintentional Humor® offers awareness and understanding of the language barriers that result from cultural and developmental differences by using the “great human equalizer” – humor.  Everyone has something to learn from this delightful, inspiring book.

*Both perfect bound and spiral bound books contain identical content.


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