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Last fall we had the pleasure of talking with Joan Trossman Bien via phone interview about Unintentional Humor™.  Her article The Funny Side of Autism is an interview about Unintentional Humor™ and the literal mind.  We enjoyed speaking with her about our book and feel that she really understood what our book was about.  Thank

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Unintentional Humor™ on The Autism Key website

We met Gary G. Porter at an Autism conference last summer.  He wrote about our book, Unintentional Humor™, on his blog.  See what he had to say below and check out his website The Autism Key article: A common characteristic of those on the autism spectrum is the difficulty in grasping abstract concepts, meaning non-tangible

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Ventura County Reporter Article

The Funny Side of Autism Local authors offer a unique perspective in new book By Joan Trossman Bien 10/06/2011 Have you ever had an experience like this? I had a job where I was tooling around in a bus quite often, carting the traveling press from place to place. During one ride, I chatted with a

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