Grappling for years with her sons’ communication challenges, Linda Gund Anderson decided that the best way to help people understand language differences is to tell her humorous stories. Together with her son Brent, speech pathologist Andrea Mann, and talented cartoonist Alan J. Lewis, they brought to life what Brent visualizes when he hears figurative language. The result is the lighthearted, laugh-out-loud Unintentional Humor; Celebrating the Literal Mind™ books.

Unintentional Humor™ provides a unique look into the mind of a young man with autism. Cartoons represent common expressions such as, ‘Under the Weather’, ‘Couch Potato’ & ‘Pig Out’ and demonstrate the confusion that many people experience with figurative language. Filled with 85 true stories and 90 original cartoons Unintentional Humor™ is a great way to teach about the language barriers that result from autism, learning differences, and non-American cultures.

After the phenomenal success of Unintentional Humor™ Volume 1, the second edition of Unintentional Humor™ has arrived. Volume 2 offers 60 NEW hilarious cartoons and an updated book format. Cartoons are shown without the answers so readers can spend time guessing the expression. The “quiz” is a humorous, enjoyable activity and an effective teaching tool.

Brent and Linda travel the country sharing their positive message, teaching about humor, and making the world more accepting of those with disabilities.

Brent & Alan J. Lewis working on Unintentional Humor cartoons

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Audience participation